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We believe that the ability to create lasting, valuable light and solutions starts with an understanding of how people see, react and respond to light. Once we understand the nature of the light desired and needed, Xicato applies innovation and technology to design the right quality of light and then package it in modules that enable effective and efficient solutions. The key to Xicato’s unique light is found in its patented technologies, which enable Xicato’s light to be dimmed by any system, to render color beautifully, to maintain color quality for life and most importantly, evoke a positive response when it’s turned on.

Our Light

To add more flexibility for designers to achieve the desired emotional impact for their environments, Xicato has designed three types of light: the Standard Series,the Artist Series and the Vibrant Series®. Standard Series light is superior to ceramic metal halide (CMH) and fluorescent lamps. Our Artist Series light is a match to light from halogen lamps. Consistent color appearance and accurate color rendering are hallmarks of the light Xicato invents. Light from the Vibrant Series® makes colors appear more vivid and striking while keeping the feel of the light warmer and comfortable. The Standard, Artist and Vibrant Series® lights are incorporated into our module portfolio so that the lighting community can bring the right light — the perfect light — to every project.

More about each of these advantages can be found in the Technology section of this website.