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Designer Series™

The New Standard for General Illumination

The Xicato Designer Series™ is a major new product family custom formulated to provide outstanding color rendering while retaining high efficacy, allowing luminaire products to meet the most stringent codes and standards for lighting quality and energy efficiency. With a lit efect that approaches that of Xicato Artist Series, and with a maximum output of 4500 lumens, Designer Series can be used in high ceilings where 3000 lumens is not enough.

Outstanding Color Rendering

Designer Series delivers high color fidelity and gamut, with high color rendering specifications across the color gamut, and with a white point that matches the Xicato Artist Series and Standard Series products.

  • TM-30 color fidelity (Rf): 89
  • TM-30 color gamut (Rg): 101
  • CIE color rendering: Ra >90, R9 > 50

High Efficacy

Designer Series delivers up to 117 lumens per watt at standard drive currents, and up to 150 lumens per watt when under-driven, leaving plenty of head room for drivers and optics to meet California JA8 requirements for Title 24.

Xicato Quality

Designer Series products meet the same warranted quality standards as Xicato Artist, Beauty, Standard, and Vibrant Series products:

  • Initital color consistency: 1x2 SDCM
  • Lumen maintenance: 70% at 50,000 hours, with zero failures (L70/B0/F0)
  • Color maintenance: maximum color difference of 3 SDCM between light sources in a contiguous space - no failures (B0)!

Available in a Wide Assortment of Platforms, CCTs, and Lumen Output

Designer Series is available 19mm light emitting surface in 2700K to 4000K CCT, at up to 4500 lumens in XTM and up to 3000 lumens in XIM.