Casa Smed


How do you plan, provision, program and verify the control of 220 networked lights from scratch in 2 days? Xicato XIM modules, Smart Controls, and Control Software proved to be the answer for this complex installation.

Greg Fukushima of GiCor Home Technologies worked with electrical contractor James Robinson of Wave Technical to design and implement a sophisticated, multi-application control system. Greg designed a complex, multi-vendor system.

Over a two-month period, they worked to implement a DALI system but were unable to get the system to function properly. After consulting with the luminaire provider, Senso, they contacted Xicato and started working with Xicato’s Bluetooth Control Solution.

“Thank you for all the great work and support with programming the lights at the Smed residence. In 2 days you programmed the lights via Bluetooth, after we had spent two months trying unsuccessfully to get the fixtures working using Dali and Control4. Plus, you programmed all the fixtures to a safe temperature! (this was my biggest concern).” James Robinson with Wave Technical Ltd.

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Installation Casa Smed
Xicato Product Used Xicato XIM, XIG, Control Panel
Light Type Artist Series
Country / Location Canada
Controls Design GiCor Home Technologies
Lighting Design Debbie Carruthers, DIRTT
Luminaire Provider Senso
Complete Case Study Casa Smed