Xicato engineers and develops one of the broadest portfolio spot and linear light sources; world-class LED drivers; as well as other wirelessly connected intelligent devices including sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics, and software; plus, installation and commissioning services. Our light sources are the first choice of lighting designers around the world and are renowned for their quality of light. Xicato’s Bluetooth Lighting Control Solutions have quickly become the go-to-solution when robust lighting schemes, lower operating costs, faster commissioning, and absolute reliability are essential. Our Control Software makes it easier than ever to commission, customize, implement, and manage smart lighting installations.

For over a decade, Xicato has engineered and developed the industry’s most reliable LED modules that lighting designers specify for their quality light. Xicato’s patented spectral options, Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant, are unmatched for their color rendering, color maintenance, dimming performance and reliability. With multiple form factors available, Xicato delivers the light for interior and exterior environments.

Xicato’s Light Source Portfolio consists of XOB, XIM, XTM modules, XFL flexible linear and XSA core source.

Xicato’s portfolio of light types includes Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant.

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Xicato’s Bluetooth Lighting Control Solutions

Interoperable Bluetooth Lighting Controls. Xicato’s Bluetooth mesh lighting controls provide interoperability, faster installation and commissioning, and extensive management and operational savings. The company’s underlying Controls technology ensures that all components not only work together, but that Xicato’s solutions can be integrated with other control systems, lighting solutions and building management systems.

  • Non-disruptive commissioning so there’s no impact on operations and projects can be completed in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Enhanced operational management so that scene setting, changes, upgrades, and expansions are easy.
  • Integration and Interoperability so that Xicato lighting controls can integrate easily with existing building management and site-based controls and so that components from different manufacturers function as intended.
  • Optimization by zone and sophisticated daylight harvesting and occupancy controls enable energy savings of 50% or more.
  • The elimination of ‘single points of failure’. Real-time alerts allow both pre-emptive and proactive maintenance providing extraordinary reliability and minimized maintenance and operating costs.
  • Beacon communications and data retrieval allows for creative customer interactivity, promotions, and wayfinding guidance, and data analysis that drives increased ROI.

Xicato’s Control Software

Xicato has developed a number of software solutions that enable and simplify the configuration, implementation, and management of Bluetooth lighting. OEMs and system integrators have options for customization and controls that allow them to better serve their clients.

Xicato’s mobile apps are available from iTunes and Google Play, all other programs and more information are available by contacting Xicato directly.

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