LED Spot & Linear Sources


For over a decade, Xicato has engineered and developed the industry’s most reliable LED modules that lighting designers recognize as the highest quality light available. Xicato’s patented spectral options, Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant, are unmatched for their color rendering, color maintenance, dimming performance and reliability.
With multiple form factors, a broad range of LES, CCT and the industry’s leading color rendering, Xicato delivers the light for interior and exterior environments.

About our Light Types

  • Artist – virtually indistinguishable from halogen light and available in multiple CCTs. It’s the preferred choice for museums and environments where the highest quality light makes all the difference.
  • Beauty – the most flattering light for a range of skin tones, it balances the accurate color discrimination of daylight with the comfortable warmth of incandescent. An excellent choice in the beauty and hospitality industry.
  • Designer – outstanding color rendering with high efficacy allows luminaires to meet the most stringent codes and standards for both energy efficiency and light quality.
  • Standard – the original high efficiency, excellent color rendering light source from Xicato. Used in virtually all illumination environments.
  • Vibrant – higher color gamut enables people to see colors, hues, and tones, particularly for whites, reds, and blues, that simply aren’t visible under halogen light. It’s an outstanding choice for retail merchandising

About our Light Sources

  • XFL – Unlike other linear products, XFL offers a multitude of profiles, densities and color; meeting the most stringent requirements of architects, lighting designers and specifiers.
  • XOB – XOB packages Xicato’s world renowned quality, performance and warranty into industry standard form factors that allow for rapid fixture design resulting in accelerated time to revenue.
  • XIM – is the only fully integrated, intelligent light module. It integrates the light source with the driver, Bluetooth beacons, and a wireless control system in a single unit.
  • XTM – the low profile, cost-effective source is Zhaga compatible and available in a range of LES sizes and CCTs across all Xicato light types.
  • XCA – This is the core light source technology used in both XTM and XIM platforms. It provides the highest degree of flexibility for luminaire designers while still delivering Xicato’s color quality, rendering and reliability in a variety of light types.
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