Courtesy of the Artist Loft


Courtesy of The Artist Loft is a stunning 200 square metre gallery perched beautifully on the 4th level of Sydney’s iconic and historic building The Strand Arcade. With the objective of creating memorable moments, Courtesy of The Artist Loft is set to host some of the most coveted events Sydney has to offer and bridge the gap between art and industry. Courtesy of the Artist Loft effortlessly transforms from a beautifully lit gallery with soft natural light streaming through its Victorian sash windows during the daytime, to an intimate setting in the evening where careful attention to staging will be exhibited to dramatic effect. The 3S Lighting track spotlights using Xicato’s XIM and XTM Artist Series modules ensure that the light is easily managed, provides superior illumination, and is reliable and consistent in color.

Installation Courtesy of The Artist Loft
Application Type Museum / Gallery
Location Sydney, Australia
Xicato Products XIM, XTM
Light Type Artist Series
Lighting Design Company E-Lux Lighting Design and Consultancy