Jakob Mindre 5 – Törngren Magnell Office


The seven-floor office building is located in the centre of Stockholm in Kungsträdgården, right next to the Danish embassy. Törngren Magnell´s office was nominated for Sveriges snyggaste kontor 2020 and the lighting design scheme is developed by Helmet Experience Design.

The nature and the restrictions in this old building made it difficult to achieve lighting control using traditional, wired control systems. We used the Xicato Controls intelligent wireless system, with intelligence integrated inside each fixtures combined with third party phase cut dimmers and relays we are controlling all of the lighting inside the building. Sensors and switches enable day to day control for the tenant.

Furthermore, each unit from Xicato Controls is equipped with inwards looking sensors, logging real time data that gives us valuable information about the systems wellbeing and power consumption.

“Professional home environment” was our main design approach. Rich in contrast, attention to detail and a warm and welcoming ambient glow.  – Ola Carlsson Fredén, Lighting Designer

Installation Jakob Mindre 5 - Törngren Magnell
Lighting Design Helmet Experience Design
Controls & Programming Control Dept.
Main Control Xicato Controls
Light Components Rebel Light
Custom Components Kucko
Photography Jason Strong