Museon on the Hague


The existing installation was one-dimensional, and Jeroen Pijl, responsible for the exhibition lighting at The Museon, felt the 2700K color temperature used throughout had a “soporific” effect on visitors. The new lighting design was carried out by Joost de Beij, whose brief included emphasizing the architecture to a full extent, making navigation easier around the various exhibits, and maximizing a feeling of well-being among visitors. Nearly 400 track spots are mounted in display cabinets and at ceiling level, with ceiling and floor mounted wall-washing around all columns. A suspended band of colour-changing lighting snakes its way around the whole exhibition, providing its own brand of connectivity.

The XIM gen4 modules contain a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) board that can communicate with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, or with PCs using the Xicato Control Panel software. The Control Panel allows The Museon to create multiple, secure networks containing a virtually unlimited number of lights, sensors, or switches, providing simple commissioning of the various lights and lighting groups, scene creation (e.g. for cleaning or service modes), and outputs settings for each fixture and exhibit during normal operating hours.

Installation Museon The Hague
Xicato Product XIM Gen 4
Xicato Product Control Panel Sofware
Light Type Artist Series
Application Type Museums and Galleries
Location Den Haag, Netherlands
Lighting Design Company Joost de Beij
Luminaire Provider Mike Stoane Lighting
Complete Case Study Museon Case Study