The ProShop Powered by ’47 at TD Garden


Boston ProShop Displays Light up with Xicato’s Lighting, Smart Controls Solutions and Services

Hailed as the only destination for authentic team merchandise for the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics, The ProShop shows off their champion-worthy merchandise with Xicato Controls with Xicato Bluetooth® Mesh technology.

“When you’re designing lighting that needs to deliver granular control within a large scale ecosystem, Bluetooth technology is a must. Each fixture was commissioned to meet the dynamic requirements of the retail space. The store merchandise looks fantastic and the lighting schema is fully scalable and reconfigurable for future needs,” Paula Ziegenbein, Assoc. IALD, Hartranft Lighting Design AHLD.

Champion worthy lights and controls

The management at the Garden commissioned Hartranft Lighting Design to upgrade their entire store with a world-class overhead interior lighting system. While the multi-layer design approach needed to be flexible with the customer experience as its focus, The ProShop staff needed a simple and reliable system, avoiding laborious manual control at previous location. A sophisticated control system had to also include the best lights to showcase the state-of-the-art retail displays, mannequins and digital signage. The complete end-to-end solution called for Xicato, with its best in class lights sources that are augmented with Bluetooth controls to illuminate The ProShop inside BRUCK SMARTrack track fixtures. Using the Xicato open API platform including Xicato’s Intelligent Gateway (XIG), ETC created a software module within their Mosaic Show Controller to send cues to the Xicato Intelligent Module light source (XIM), triggering preset scenes. Now, when their team scores, even shoppers in the store get to join in the excitement with a preset light show.

Retail Lighting that Works

The elegantly flexible design with Xicato Controls and its truly open Bluetooth Mesh technology is fully supported by Xicato’s services team. Together with Hartranft Lighting Design, Xicato’s Services team identified and numbered each of the fixtures to develop groups and scenes that are now preset to recall four scenes: pre open, store open, dynamic show (because it gets exciting when the teams score!) and after hours for restocking. The flexibility and upgradeability of Xicato’s smart controls and quality lighting, allow the owners to adapt the existing solutions to new ideas and evolve with displays to create new experiences with a world class lighting solution.

Installation TD Garden ProShop
Xicato Product Used Xicato XIM, XIG, XGC, Xicato Commissioning Service
Application Retail
Lighting and Controls Design Hartranft Lighting Design
Lighting Integration Boston Illumination Group and Barbizon Lighting Company
Luminaire Provider Ledra with LensVector
Luminaire Type Bruck Smart Track & E15 Spot LED track heads; Alphabet Beta 4 LED cylinders