Westminster Abbey


“Using Bluetooth control, we were able to simplify the lighting installation instantly, by providing only non-dimmable power to the lighting track. By reducing the amount of equipment and the extent of cabling we saved over £12,000 on a conventional lighting control system.” – Peter Fordham, DHA Designs

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, Westminster Abbey has opened a new gallery in a space that has not seen visitors for over 700 years. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gallery contains more than 300 works highlighting the over 1000-year history of the Abbey and the United Kingdom.

Lighting the gallery was a non-trivial task. Xicato’s Artist Series was the clear choice for light quality, but the Abbey posed real challenges for the lighting control system. Drilling holes in the historic structure for wiring was unacceptable and the thick stone walls and heavy wooden beams made for a difficult wireless environment. Natural light streamed in through stained glass and clear panes, but ancient artwork had to be preserved. Lighting had to respond to both ambient light and occupancy, but also had to be controlled from a single point. Choosing Xicato’s Bluetooth Smart Controls and Control Software solutions became the clear and successful solution.

Installation Westminster Abbey - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery
Xicato Product Used Xicato XIM, Xicato Smart Controls, Xicato Control Software
Location England
Architectural Consultant MUMA
Lighting Design Company DHA Designs, Peter Fordham
Luminaire Providers Mike Stoane Lighting, KKDC
Complete Case Study Westminster Abbey QDJG