Xicato Controls Bring Modern Technology to a 1960s Experience at the Iconic TWA Hotel


Xicato Lights Up The Iconic TWA Hotel

Xicato Controls Bring Modern Technology to a 1960s Experienc

“The TWA Hotel project is the perfect example of installations in older construction where we’re not able to run wired connectivity to our light sources but want remote management. Xicato’s Bluetooth solutions were easy to install and delivered a clean look, without any wires, and allowed us to give the hotel remote control of the fixtures.” – Chris Roemlien, President, Spectrum Lighting.

Sleek and Smart
Walking into the new TWA Flight Center Hotel is like walking back in time—class, flare, the nostalgia of the 60s. The new development draws from the original design of Eero Saarinen from an era with sloping architecture, sleek furniture, subdued colors and gold accents. Now rebuilt as a first-class retro hotel with state of the art Xicato Bluetooth mesh technology, guests from all over the world can time-travel into a decade filled with music, culture and social change, with the smart lighting luxuries of today.

From the Tap of a Phone
Formerly the TWA Flight Center, the Center was closed down in 2001. With its new emergence as a hotel, the goal was to mimic the look of the 60s with the existing structure. Spectrum Lighting used the original 1962 vintage eyeball, cylinder and spotlight fixtures to modernize the hotel’s lighting using Xicato Light Sources and Xicato Controls with Bluetooth mesh technology. With only power within the walls connecting the lights, Xicato Bluetooth wireless technology was a clear solution to enable control of the new system all through the Xicato app. Now throughout the lobby and lounge areas, visitors will enjoy the glamour of the original light design in modern comfort.

Installation TWA Hotel
Xicato Product Used XIG, XID, XTM
Application Hotel
Lighting & Controls Design ONELUX Studio
Luminaire Provider Spectrum Lighting
Luminaire Type Louvered Eyeball Fixtures