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Light on your terms

Xicato is a recognized leader in creating LED modules that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability.

Light on your terms

Ask for what you want then design the lighting that you need to make an impression. Start with light that's lively, light that sparkles, light that shines. Your audience wants to experience spaces and now, you’re in control. No more sacrificing emotion for efficacy or confidence for creativity.

Light on your terms

Technology can work for you, help you change how the lighting community thinks about lighting spaces. With vibrant white light, color consistency and a future-proof form factor, our LED modules work for you rather than the other way around. No sacrifices, no compromises. Just better lighting.

Light on your terms

You create great lighting experiences for people whether they are shopping, dining, working or admiring new spaces. Your challenge is to create a great lighting experience and be mindful of sustainable practices. It’s time to put technology to work without sacrificing peace of mind. It’s time to experience quality light that works for you.