Smart Lighting Controls


Lighting controls support more productive environments, feelings of comfort and safety, and they provide significant operational savings from energy savings and maintenance and repair costs.

Xicato’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls are designed to provide a superior range of control and monitoring and to reduce the implementation and maintenance costs at any site. Tens of thousands of nodes can share a single, highly secure network, and there can be tens of thousands of networks.

Interoperable and Scalable
Buildings are IoT epicenters with a variety of protocols in use from Bluetooth to Zigbee and they are the foundation for everything from building management systems to open communications networks. Xicato has designed for interoperability and scalability. As a result, our lighting controls work with a broad range of lighting, network, and management systems throughout a building and across entire sites.

Faster, Simpler, Cost Effective
Xicato’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls can be installed and commissioned in hours or days, rather than weeks or months. Without expensive wires, hubs, or dedicated control gear, commissioning can take place without disrupting people.

Fast, responsive performance and powerful features such as groups, scenes, schedules, and sensor control are easily within reach, even for smaller shops and spaces.

Reliable by Design
Eliminating wires, connectors, hubs, and central controllers eliminate the possibility that one of them will fail and take down the entire system. Xicato’s distributed Bluetooth lighting controls ensure that there is no single point of failure.

Fully Automated Lighting delivers flexibility and savings
Lights can be individually programmed to respond to manual commands or time of day, but the power of Xicato’s lighting controls are fully revealed when switches and schedules are combined with occupancy (motion) and ambient light (lux) sensors. Automation provides the ability to minimize energy consumption, meet government regulations, operating budgets, and to create a comfortable, convenient environment for people.

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Xicato Miniature Drivers (XMD) were created to fit into compact track adaptors for elegant designs. With its narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint, this form factor enables fixture designs with minimal visual impact. As in XID, the XMD is capable of deep 0.1% flicker-free dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option.

  • Minimalist rectangular form factor: 12.5mm x 77mm x 6mm (about the size of a stick of chewing gum)
  • Programmable constant current output from 175mA to 1050mA and 2.5V to 45V

XID and XMD are both part of Xicato Onboard™, a portfolio of embeddable products by which any 3rd party device can be upgraded to be wirelessly controlled and monitored via Bluetooth mesh and operate seamlessly with the Xicato Controls platform, which also includes sensors, switches, gateways and software.

XMD Top Image

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Xicato Intelligent Drivers (XID) are compact, deep-dimming constant current drivers that enable Bluetooth and/or wired control of most indoor LED light sources. Its small size and circular shape make it particularly well suited for track, spot, and downlight applications as well as an excellent choice for linear luminaires such as troffers.

  • Compact, disk-shaped form factor: Ø46mm x 12mm
  • Programmable constant current output from 175mA to 1400mA and 2.5V to 45V
  • Deep, smooth, flicker-free dimming to 0.1% at all programmed drive currents
  • 0-10V and Bluetooth mesh control

Xicato’s XID accept either 24V or 48V DC input, provide smooth, IEEE 1789-compliant dimming performance to 0.1%, can be programmed with beacons, and provide detailed operating data over Bluetooth.

XID Top Image

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Xicato’s sensors are compact, wireless nodes that transmit sensor data over the Bluetooth network for use by lighting, environmental management, or other applications. XIS can sense motion, ambient light, temperature, and relative humidity.

XIS communicates directly with light sources such as Xicato’s XIM or any other light source that uses Xicato’s XID driver. Control intelligence including sensor response is built into the XIM and XID nodes, which can respond individually to one or more sensors, switches, local mobile or remote BMS commands, or even to other lights.

XIS can be powered by any 6V to 56V DC power source or using a standard CR2450 3V coin cell battery.

XIS can also broadcast multiple, simultaneous Bluetooth beacons, including iBeacon, Eddystone and Alt Beacons. It's the perfect addition for installations that need to provide real-time, indoor, location-based information and navigation services.

Sample XIS applications:

  • Occupancy detection
  • Vacancy detection
  • Daylight compensation
  • Environmental control
  • Art conservation
  • Remote occupancy tracking and analytics
XIS WT1 Angle
XIS Family Product Image

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XSW is a programmable switch that can be field installed and converts a standard 0-10V dimming switch or low voltage momentary contact switch into a sophisticated Bluetooth controller.

  • Easy to Install: choose from the huge variety of new, off-the-shelf switches. XSW is FCC, CE/RED and RCM certified and is UL Listed.
  • Safe inexpensive wiring: XSW is DC powered, 12-50V, UL Class2, SELV Class III.
  • Instant lighting response: XSW broadcasts data directly to lighting nodes using Bluetooth for instant response and maximum reliability.

XSW designed to address specific switch variants for the following:

  • Enable a standard single-channel, 0-10V dimming switch to control a single, dimmable light source or lighting group via Bluetooth.
  • Convert a standard low voltage contact switch into a programmable Bluetooth controller. Each button can be independently programmed to command dim levels for one or more lights or to command scenes for any number of lights or lighting groups. XSW can provide power to the switch LEDs and can accommodate up to 4 or up to 8 buttons, and accommodate either common Anode (4A or 8A) or common Cathode (4C or 8C) LED configurations.
XSW Programmable Switch

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Xicato’s Intelligent Gateway provides wired or wireless IP access to a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network of XIM Gen4 LED modules, sensors, and other devices. XIG can be powered using standard AC-DC transformers with 15W capacity, operating at 9V to 48V. This allows it to be adapted to a standard lighting track, including 48V track capable of powering XIM Gen4 modules.

With XIG you can monitor and control lighting with third-party building management systems such as Medialon and BACnet.

Remote Access

Securely monitor and control an unlimited number of BLE devices over any geographic distance, using any internet browser. Monitor temperature, intensity, power consumption, input voltage, and total operating hours. Control individual lights or lighting groups and pre-programmed scenes.

Connect your favorite lighting control system to the Xicato Bluetooth lighting network using the open API available free from Xicato.

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Xicato Relay Nodes are compact, DC-powered, wireless Bluetooth nodes that allow users to extend the reach of Bluetooth networks used for lighting control, environmental monitoring, or other building management applications. Now integrators and users can extend their control of their Bluetooth network into hard to reach places, remote corners, or across enormous spaces without additional expensive or complex pieces of equipment.

XRN can also be used as standalone DC-power iBeacon, Eddystone or Alt Beacon nodes for indoor location-based services such as indoor positioning, wayfinding, or localized information delivery in retail stores, museums, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

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XGC is the fastest, surest path for developing lighting control devices that can participate as wireless nodes in a Xicato Bluetooth® mesh network.

Bluetooth Mesh Networking

XGC’s high radio transmission power and excellent receive sensitivity make it an excellent link for reliable point-to-point and mesh communication. It can be programmed for either 1-channel or 4-channel PWM, and the platform will support UART and/or I2C communication for even greater channel and feature capacity.

Temperature sensing is built into the Bluetooth module on the XGC and allows monitoring of the conditions under which the PCB is operating. The XGC reports temperature over Bluetooth for monitoring by local or remote devices.

And XGC devices can be configured with different transmit power settings and intervals to increase data granularity or to conserve power and bandwidth. All configuration of the XGC can be performed through the Xicato Control Panel software, the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG) or using compatible software from third-party vendors.

XGC Radio Transmission Circuit Image

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XCT is a small, dedicated computer that allows luminaire manufacturers to program and brand lighting nodes in a variety of ways.

Electronically identify XIM-based or XID-driven fixtures. Add company name, luminaire model number, and serial number to the data that is reported by each node through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or compatible DALI network. XCT branding provides important information to end users that want to purchase additional units or accessories such as optics or track adapters.

Set the maximum lumen output of a lighting module to between 50-100% of its peak intensity, in order to perfectly match it to the thermal capacity of its heat sink, or to meet a thermal challenge in a specific installation and prevent the unit from going into thermal protection mode.

Use a single XIM or XID model in luminaires with different outputs to reduce manufacturer component SKUs and inventory levels and end-user spares. For example, a XIM capable of 2000 lumens can be sold in luminaires with a maximum output of 1000 lumens, 1500 lumens, and 2000 lumens. XCT will automatically adjust the dimming curve; the luminaire will dim smoothly to 0.1%, and coordinate perfectly with other modules.

Preconfigure settings for the convenience of installers, commissioners, and end users by setting power-on behavior, maximum and minimum flux levels, dimming curve, and wired control.

XCT’s production mode facilitates rapid programming of many identical modules, automatically or manually incrementing the serial number for each unit. XCT validates that the configuration matches the unit being programmed, and verifies successful installation of the configuration settings. Configuring units takes less than 30 seconds.

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