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Next Generation Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®

Xicato's patented Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology

Wavelength variation is a result of the LED manufacturing process and when in use, LEDs turn 40% or more of the input energy into heat. Both wavelength variation and heat are the enemies of providing sustained, high-quality light from LEDs. Xicato addressed both of these potential issues in 2007 by developing Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®. This innovative technology allowed Xicato to take a most unique approach. In 2014, Xicato introduced its next generation of Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® that delivers the same quality of light but at substantially higher efficacies and lower cost. 

Here's how it works: first, we “tune” the module in the manufacturing process to achieve Xicato exacting standards for initial color. Only Xicato commits that every module will be within a 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipse around the color point on the black body locus.

Second, we provide a thermal cooling path to ensure that the LEDs and the separated phosphor stay cool throughout the entire life of the module. Heat degrades phosphor and results in poor uniformity and variable color shift. By keeping the phosphor cool, Xicato can ensure that color consistency is maintained over the life of the module. In fact, Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® works so well, we guarantee color consistency.