Lighting Controls Software

Control Panel

Xicato's Control Panel provides total administrative, provisioning, configuration, and real-time control and monitoring control of a Xicato lighting control network. Its clean, simple design makes it easy to quickly analyze, evaluate and manage your lighting controls. Available for Windows or MacOS, Control Panel supports provisioning, configuration, control and monitoring of Xicato's Smart Controls and the entire network including: device numbering and naming, secure group names and passwords, group and scene creation and assignment, scheduling, and sensor responses. Users can quickly and easily add and manage beacons and monitor all of the operational data available from the various devices.


Xtouch and Xtouch MG are Android apps that turn a standard Android phone or device into a full-featured, programmable wall switch. They communicate through XIG, using Xicato’s open HTTP application programming interface (API), and provide a simple way to command intensity levels and up to 6 scenes for any group of lights. Users can program which lights or groups they want to control and how, with intensity levels, scenes, or sensor response states, and can even configure the colors of the background and buttons. The Xtouch source code is freely available at no charge on GitHub under the MIT FOSS license, so Software Developers and System Integrators have the ability to design, control and access their own customized networks of Bluetooth mesh nodes.



XIMtroller is a free mobile lighting control application for IoS devices that allows control and limited monitoring of your lighting network. From XIMtroller you can see Lights & Light Groups, Intensity & Signal strength, Real-time operating data, Module configuration data, Pre-set scenes, and more. It is also possible to control Lights & groups with a simple slider. The XIMtroller iOS API is available from Xicato under a controlled license, so Software Developers and System Integrators have the ability to develop their own graphic user interfaces to the Bluetooth mesh network.

Xim Troller iPhone7 Status

XIG Configuration

The Xicato Intelligent Gateway provides full remote control, monitoring, and commissioning of Xicato lighting control networks using any standard browser, or through an open HTTP API. The XIG API is available free of charge on GitHub under the standard MIT open source license, so Software Developers and System Integrators have the ability to use 3rd party lighting control or building management systems to commission, control and monitor Bluetooth mesh network nodes.

XIG Browser Dashboard Screen Shot