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Xicato GalaXi intelligent Bluetooth Lighting Control

Introducing Xicato GalaXi™

Xicato GalaXi intelligent Bluetooth lighting

Changing the Controls Equation

Xicato has built its reputation on solving the most difficult lighting challenges. First, it was color consistency, both initial and over lifetime. Then, it was color quality, with the Artist Series. Next, it was deep, smooth, flicker-free dimming, with the Xicato Intelligent Module.

Now, Xicato is reducing the cost and complexity of controls with our GalaXiportfolio of open standard Bluetooth wireless control products. GalaXi enables worry-free, hassle-free, and economical lighting control, with no compromise to power or performance.


Fast, Easy, and Affordable

Xicato GalaXi saves time and money, enabling simple, flexible system design. Installation and commissioning in hours or days, rather than weeks or months. No more expensive wires, hubs, or dedicated control gear. All without sacrificing fast, responsive performance or powerful features such as groups, scenes, schedules and sensor control.


Industry-leading Performance

Bluetooth architecture features direct, peer-to-peer communication between nodes, ensuring nearly instantaneous response to input from switches, sensors, or mobile devices. No need to “hop” to a hub or a central controller. Lights are intelligent; programmed to respond directly and individually to one or more inputs.


Unlimited Scalability for Large Installations

Xicato GalaXi is highly scalable to meet the needs of large commercial sites. There is no practical limit on the physical size or number of nodes in a network. Tens of thousands of nodes can share a single secure network, and there can be tens of thousands of secure networks. Define thousands of groups or scenes, if you like. Extend the network through a Bluetooth mesh, or even further using the Xicato Intelligent Gateway to ride the IP network. 


Fully Automated Lighting

Lights can be individually programmed to respond to manual commands or time of day, but the power of the system is fully revealed when switches and schedules are combined with occupancy (motion) and ambient light (lux) sensors. Put the light you need, where you need it, and when you need it. Automation provides the ability to minimize energy consumption to meet government regulations (and operating budgets!), but also creates a comfortable, convenient environment for people.


Inherent Reliability

Don’t worry – the lights know what to do! The elimination of wiring, connectors, hubs and central controllers eliminates the possibility that one of them will fail, taking down the entire system. Distributing intelligence to the lights means that there is no single point of failure – a failed node affects only that node.