Harrod’s Perfect Shopping Experience


Xicato’s Beauty Series Light Sources Give Shoppers The Utmost Confidence When Nothing Less Than Perfect Will Do

When you are a shopper in one of the World’s most prestigious department stores, you want to look and feel the part. And when shopping for something as personal as cosmetics and make up, one must really feel comfortable about what they are buying. Xicato premium quality light sources, world renowned for the best color consistency and color warranty among LED lighting professionals, were chosen to illuminate Harrods’ new Beauty Hall. Xicato’s ability to make products more appealing and skin tones most authentic under indoor lighting, this time in a setting designed with a nod to the 1920s, attracts more shoppers while they feel like they’ve just stepped into beauty dreamland.

“Harrods is a destination store, known for their experience. They didn’t want something conventional. The entire brand is built on making people feel good. We knew Xicato had the quality of light that would work for Harrods – functional while creating an environment people want to be in,” Maciej Garszyński, Lighting Designer, Isometrix London.

Mix and Match: The Secret Sauce!

Perusing through Harrods, a shopper can admire a broad variety of items, from lounge clothing to fine fashion accessories. It is no accident that each item is lit specifically to draw a customer in. What might work well for lighting denim may not highlight red lipstick successfully. While denim or clothing show best under light sources that bring out natural material tones such as blue, highlighting make up, and even more so, color matching make up are delicate procedures — ones that have been proven to be performed best under light sources with more of a soft pink tone. Since the path through Harrods’ Beauty Hall includes demonstrations for merchandise and studios for personal make up testing, a blend of lights was chosen to accommodate both goals: selling product and uplifting store goers.

A blending technique of two of Xicato’s premium light sources was used throughout the Beauty Hall to create the perfect ambiance. For the shopping areas and merchandise, Xicato’s Artist series with precise color rendering is perfect for illuminating colorful brands, boxes, and product packaging. Within the small studios where make up is tested and tried Harrods required something that evoked the most natural colors on human skin tone. Drawing from Xicato’s portfolio, researched and proven to work best in beauty scenarios, Xicato’s Beauty Series was installed to illuminate shoppers at their best. Where the two areas meet, both Artist and Beauty Series were integrated to create the most smooth, subtle and comfortable change in the lighting. And that’s one of the key ingredients behind the way Xicato lights make people feel good.

Installation Harrods Beauty Hall
Location London
Application Retail
Lighting Design Isometrix, London
Luminaire Provider Flos and Lucent Lighting