Xicato XTM Modules®

XTM modules are available in multiple LES sizes and a range of light types, color temperatures, and lumen output. With up to 137 lumens per watt at operating temperatures, XTM is a clear performance leader. The Zhaga compatible mechanical interface includes wires and comes with pre-applied thermal interface material. This enables quick integration so you can deliver the light quality that Xicato provides and consistency to more of your customer base. With narrow beam options and high peak intensities (CBCP), the XTM portfolio addresses a wide variety of applications in accent and general lighting. Use Xicato’s Product Finder to identify the XTM module that’s right for your luminaire solution.

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Why Xicato XTM Modules?

  • Drop in replacement for Zhaga LED modules (Book 3)
  • Highest efficacy, as much as 20% higher than competitive products
  • Next Generation Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® keeps phosphors cool for maintained light quality
  • Same form factor for all flux and CCT options
  • 10-year warranty on lumen and color maintenance


XTM Characteristics

  • Over 135+ lumens per watt at operating conditions
  • Very tight color consistency, within 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses
  • Standard Series, Artist Series®, Designer Series®, Vibrant Series®, Beauty Series
  • CCT range from 2700K to 5600K
  • Light output 1300lm to 5000lm 19mm LES and 700lm to 2000lm 9mm LES
  • Zhaga compatible form factor
  • Available in 19mm and 9mm LES


Xicato XTM Glamour Product

The new European Commission regulation on the energy labeling of light sources, EU 2019/2015, defines new energy efficiency classes (A to G) and requires registration in the EU Product Database for Energy Labeling (EPREL) for light sources which are placed on the EU market. Here is a link to the regulation.

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