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XIM LED Module

Xicato XIM, the intelligent LED module with integrated driver, delivers perfectly choreographed dimming, unmatched color consistency, remarkable color rendering and a duet of source sizes that make any space perform to its fullest. With smoother and deeper dimming, Xicato XIM out-performs systems with high-end standalone LED drivers.

Combined with best-in-industry color consistency and purposely engineered light spectra, XIM provides simply the most beautiful lit effect. At the same time, XIM is more affordable to implement and enables smaller downlight or spotlight fixtures. Xicato backs its performance with a verifiable 50,000 hour / 7 year operational warranty. See which XIM modules and options are available now on our XIM Specifications page and Documents & Tools page.

Why XIM Modules?

  • Superior deep dimming, down to 0.1% in DALI and 1% in 1-10V, and smooth transition from/to dark
  • Meets IEEE1789 recommendations over its entire dimming range, eliminating negative health effects related to flicker
  • On-board sensors and microprocessor that stores operational data by the hour
  • Self-adjusts to avoid over temperature
  • True, verifiable 50,000 hour / 7 year operational warranty that includes color consistency and single point failures
  • Reduced energy consumption and cost
  • Enables smaller and more elegant fixture designs without bulky LED drivers
  • Next Generation Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® keeps phosphors cool for maintained light quality
  • Future-proof platform for expanding capabilities including Bluetooth Smart™ options in 2016
XIM Characteristics
  • Artist Series®, Vibrant Series® and Standard Series
  • Flux packages from 700lm to 3000lm
  • CCT range from 2700K to 4000K
  • 19mm and 9mm LES options
  • DALI and 1-10 versions
  • Integrated DC driver electronics
  • Efficacy up to 99 lm/W
  • Very tight color consistency, within 1x2 MacAdam ellipses initially and 3 MacAdam ellipses after 50,000 hours


Xicato XIM LED Module