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Parsons "Spot the Change"

PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN in New York City is one of the leading institutions for art and design education in the world.

Students in the fall semester 2013 Light-Space Art class collaborated on design and implementation of 'Spot the Change'. Under the direction of assistant professor of lighting design, Glenn Shrum, Xicato and other industry partners, the class created a series of proposals and full-scale tests prior to fully developming the final concept.

'Spot the Change' will be unveiled for the public in Xicato's stand at Light + Building in Frankfurt which opens March 30, 2014. It demonstrates our variable perception of object color under white light. By pressing the interactive spots located in the room, participants initiate sequences of light change specifically calibrated to the colors of the immersive environment. Pink and red spots appear the same color in one lighting condition but look different under another. Will you be able to spot the change?

In fall 2013, Parsons Lighting Design program was approached about the opportunity to contribute an immersive lighting installation in the Xicato booth at Light + Building.  With the goal of demonstrate a range of Xicato LED lighting technologies that render object color in very specific ways, the class was charged with creating an experience that would allow installation visitors to better understand the creative and technical potential of Xicato products and of light and lighting design to shape perception and experience.  Parsons enthusiastically accepted the chance to provide students with a real world opportunity to accomplish design work that will be exhibited at the world leading trade events for architecture and technology communities and the partnership moved forward.  A series of milestones fostered collaboration across the 17 student class.

  1. Working in groups of two, students prepared Preliminary 2 dimensional color studies to understand and analyze key color performance characteristics of varying Xicato products.
    Click on the image below to view a short video

  2. Working groups of two, students developed short video proposals of installation concepts for Xicato review.  Based on Xicato feedback on clarity of concept, feasibility and cool factor, Parsons Light-Space Art class selected one option to be developed collaboratively.
    Click on the image below to watch a short video. 

  3. The class divided into groups of varying sizes to further develop a range of technical and creative issues on the project including wall  graphic layout, interactive control concept, construction details, and installation material development.

At the end of the fall 2013 semester, two students, Erin Werner (MFA Lighting 2014) and Mike Hawkins (MFA Lighting 2014), were identified to develop all aspects of the installation to completion. Working closely with Xicato and other installation partners, the Parsons team installed a full scale prototype in the Parsons Light + Energy Lab to study implementation of proposals in a real world setting.