Xicato Expands Family of Miniature Smart Drivers with Wireless Control

Nov 13, 2019
Xicato's Miniature Driver’s narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint allows Luminaire designs with minimal visual impact with deep-dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option.

New Daylight 5600K LED Source is Here

Oct 24, 2019
Xicato’s new Daylight 5600K LED source, part of the popular Artist series, is a perfect solution for living walls, where the high CCT and high CRI provide just the right amount of plant growth. It is essential in healthcare, rehabilitation facilities and a great choice for livestock lighting for increased production and animal welfare.

Announcing General Availability of 14.5mm LES with 1x2 SDCM

Oct 14, 2019
The 14.5mm LES XOB has had strong demand from light designers who need the same quality offered in the Company’s 6 and 9.8mm LES XOBs with the consistency of color point for seamless integration where comfort, color matching and quality matter.

Xicato Unveils Open Platform for Smart Building Applications

Sept 25, 2019
We are announcing the general availability of Xicato’s Bluetooth mesh software, with a licensing option for OEMs to enable mesh capability on their devices with Bluetooth approved chipsets, so any 3rd party device can be upgraded to control and monitor a smart building and operate seamlessly.

Xicato Releases Open Source Software for Future of Smart Buildings

July 18, 2019
Xicato announced the official release of its XIG API (Xicato Intelligent Gateway application programming interface) to the software developer and system integration community under the standard MIT Free Open Source Software (FOSS) license. Read more here.

Xicato Unveils New High-Density Light Sources

June 25, 2019
The highly anticipated XOB is here! Xicato announces a new category of high density light sources, expanding its world renowned portfolio of LED light sources, all at the same matching Xicato color point.

Xicato Online Store Now Open

March 31, 2019
Xicato Online Store Now Open

Xicato Controls win at darc awards

December 12, 2018
Xicato Bluetooth Controls win darc awards technology honors - Xicato’s Bluetooth Lighting Controls were selected by lighting designers from all the entries as best in the technology category.

Sam Miri Joins Xicato

September 4, 2018
Sam Miri Joins Xicato – Will lead expansion of lighting control solutions.

Xicato In Media


Building Construction Design: Concord Goes Technicolour

Jan 24, 2020
The new Concord Beacon Muse Xicato is a best in class spotlight for colour reproduction. The Beacon Muse Xicato utilises the Xicato Artist LED module and boasts improved optical control, ultra-high colour rendering. Read the full article here:

Redshift: 6 Ways Smart Technologies Are Changing the Conversation About Architecture

Jan 16, 2020
Residents of smart buildings already enjoy modern conveniences such as programmable thermostats and refrigerators that can be operated over the Internet. But that’s just the beginning. Smart Controls and other technologies are now upping the game. Read the full article here: 

ARC Magazine: Pro Shop powered by ’47, USA

Dec 19, 2019
Home to the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics, TD Garden Pro Shop shows off their champion-worthy merchandise under nearly 300 Xicato LED light sources, each with Xicato Bluetooth® mesh controls. Read the full article in ARC Magazine:

LUX REVIEW: DMX and Bluetooth combined at Science Museum

Aug 2, 2019
A controls system which marries the theatrical control protocol DMX with Bluetooth wireless has been created for a new venue space at London’s Science Museum. Read the full article here:

Electrical Contractor: Teaching an Old Building New Tricks: The Challenge of Adding Smart Technology to Existing Structures

June 20 2019
Read how Xicato retrofit Westminster Abbey with smart technology and controls to be more energy efficient and more attractive to visitors. Full article here:

West Coast Lighting Insider: Museum Conservators and Lighting Designers Exhibit the Benefits of Connected Lighting

June 17, 2019
Lighting and exhibition designers, museum facility managers and conservators are at the forefront of the connected lighting revolution, exploring options beyond just LED retrofits to enhance both preservation of artifacts and the visitor experience. Read the full article here:


Jan 22, 2019
LED tape has dozens of applications and there are hundreds of suppliers. Xicato's XLT has an R9 value of 95... this means is that is that the colour rendering is about as perfect as you can get.